Stranded on the shores of Vanaheim

Explore mysterious lands after a magical storm strands you on Vanaheim. Seek out help from the gods inspired by Norse Mythology in a Singleplayer Combat-Free Adventure-Puzzle Game. A game about helping each other, Kari is developed by students from BUas Breda.

  • June 2020 - (32 weeks)
  • RPG, Adventure
  • Game
  • 6 Programmers, 10 designers, 12 artists & 1 producer
  • steam


During the first semester I was responsible for making a tool that help designers create dialogues, quests, characters etc. easier, so I made a web application that manages our game data. These are stored in tables and each user is able to work in them simultaneously. When the user wants to see if everything in the game they can sync the data to unreal. We have made a plugin that is able to handle it for us. Once stored in binary data, we can use it for different scenarios for example like I describe, but users were also able to create events and that would then trigger in the game.

When I did not had much to do anymore in the application I was assigned to the UI team and work on widgets. I work on parts such as the quest log, dialogues and items. I also did some support for designers if they were not able to work with the web app or were able to setup dialogues, quests or events.

In the end I wanted to make more adjustments to improve the app by adding a node editor, but that created more complications, so I had to discard it. I am now planning to use it in StoryTime, my evolved web application.


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