Winner Winner, chicken dinner

Bit-buster is a local multiplayer coop game. You have one bullet and you have to pass it back and forth and kill the enemies. The entire game is made out of voxels.

  • 1th June, 2019 - (24 weeks)
  • Japanese, Shooting
  • Game
  • Itch.IO
  • Scrum master, Engine/Gameplay Programmer
  • Windows 10, PS4 (dropped mid development)
  • 9 Programmers, 9 designers, 7 artists & 1 producer

My work in BitBuster

At school we got the assignment to create a custom engine. With the engine we have to make Voxel game for the PS4. The inspiration we used for our game is Voxatron. I was the scrum master and product owner. I had to come up with ideas that we could make for our game.

As a scrum master and product owner I first set up a Technical design document (TDD) for our group where we could write down various things we want in the engine.

In the beginning it was quite hard for me because we did not have an engine to experiment on. During the weeks I learned more about that I could just use my own engine. During the time I read more about various algorithms. Some were from Programming Game AI by Example, Mat Buckland, 2004, some from YouTube. To conclude I used the flocking algorithm, because one I never implemented it before and two I am always open to learn more AI techniques.


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