StoryTime is made out of a Angular framework with a cloud service attached called Firebase. It is a no-SQL database that is really fast for storing & retrieving data. This can be used in most RPG style games. It keeps tracks of data like for example dialogues, items and quests. It also provides a connection to Unity3D and Unreal engine 4 (WIP).

  • 1st September, 2020 - (16 weeks)
  • Data management, game
  • App/Game
  • Tool Programmer
  • Windows 10
  • 1 Programmer
  • GitHub

My work for StoryTime so far

Currently I have made a connection in Unity to the web app to gather dialogues and quests. As for the client side app I have several things the user can do. For starters the user can create, delete & update projects, tables and data. He or she can invite users to their projects. I have user permissions per projects and tables. I also have revisions and undo for when the user changes any data. For the future roadmap I want to add a character system, events and a node editor.

Most of the things are already included in Kari, a management game, which is also based on StoryTime, but I made some major improvements to the system.


Picking stories for the NPC


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